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Kick-Start Real and Permanent Improvement in Your Life

At last you are about to benefit by discovering a truly EASY way to change your life  ...

We know that if you have found your way to us you are one of the special ones who has made a real choice to find freedom, happiness and greater love in life. You have made a decision to set yourself free of struggle and discomfort. 

Congratulations! We know you deserve the break the Reach Potential Self-Transformation Courses can give you.

Because you are committed to self-improvement, it's likely that you have already found methods have helped you in limited ways. (You maybe love what you have learned and will never give them up. ) 

But what you need now is the next step up. 

This is a simple, time-efficient way to become THE PERSON you want to be: naturally confident and happy in your own skin no matter what life throws at you.

Reach Potential offers you a unique opportunity to transform your inner discomfort almost magically.

This FREE COURSE describes the secret ingredient that makes our whole brain rewiring courses so amazingly effective. We can say without any BS that these techniques are like no other. 

With them you can change anything you would like to.


  • Are able to maintain inner peace every day
  • Know how to eliminate chronic stress and overwhelm
  • Feel more in charge of life circumstances
  • Have the joy of greater vitality 
  • Experience some rest from the turbulence of others around you
  • Become more self-trusting
  • Enjoy the pleasure of more comfortable relationships

In the Free Course you will have a taste of how these techniques are so soothing and uplifting and also easy to do.

Go now to the introductory video where Jane Kinnear describes how she turned her life around using these techniques  

And take with you our very best wishes for your transformation into a happier, calmer and more vibrant you.

Your Reach Potential Self-Transformation Team

Suzie St George, Fiona McDougall, with Jane Kinnear

What others have been saying about Rewire Your brain: Transform Your Life with Ease ...

Chantal Roelofs

Profound calm and connection in moments......

The Garden of Serenity and Well-Being visual in this mini-course is a gorgeous one that I have done over 6 months now. It has taken me on an inner journey to my ideal garden, connecting me with the sights, smells, and all the feelings I have when ...

Beverley Willan

I did like this course. The title was spot on for me . But had some challenges along the way.

Three days after completing the course, I went through a few days of self reflection. Not saying it was easy for me as my mind was taking me back to the experience of my growing up years. Doing this course kept me emotionally stable and able to co...

Toria Orchard

I absolutely love the two visuals in Rewire Your Brain.

Cultivating my Inner Garden of Serenity and returning there each morning to do further inner work has been extremely important to my well-being, enabling me to better navigate my everyday life from an increasing state of calm. I find the Stress ...

Steven Cincotta

A really fantastic 'taster'

Admittedly, I am a long-time student of the Reach Potential self-transformation courses, yet I still gained great value out of this ‘taster’ course and found it highly useful to revise the foundations. Fiona’s accompanying audios are incredibly so...

Suzie St George
Suzie St George
Head Educational Honcho at Reach Potential

Your Self-Transformation Team

Hi there!

I've had a 30 year career as a personal growth coach and writer. Prior to that I worked in teaching, publicity, politics, and executive mentoring. Today I guide those whose self-development journey needs support at an advanced level. My partner Fiona McDougall and I have developed The Siramarti Personal Growth Process together, and it has been my privilege to be responsible for all our educational material.

In my spare time I write kids' stories, pretend to train our Havanese dog, Harry - best dog in the world - and enjoy my family and friends, lovely country home, good food, good movies and audio books.

Fiona McDougall
Fiona McDougall


I am the creator of the visualizations that you will find in the courses. I have designed them as a result of my gift in being able to read vibrational energy. As a consultant, I am also able to assist you by identifying what needs to be done for the best possible outcome in each situation you present to me. You may like to use my services during your studies either directly or through membership of The Reach Potential Study Circle on Facebook. 

I am married with two adult daughters, a Havanese dog called Eva who is planning to be a therapy dog. As well as my passion for guiding people in self-transformation, I enjoy travelling, gardening and sci-fi fiction.

Jane Kinnear
Jane Kinnear
Senior presenter


The past 30 years of my working life have been spent nursing, whilst my greatest achievement by far is being mum to our two teenage boys. My passion for facilitating the Siramarti techniques comes a close second.  After discovering the benefits 8 years ago, I was hooked!

Now I spend my days helping others weave these life-changing tools into their busy lives so they too can love their life from the inside out as I do. Beyond that, I love being with my family and like-minded friends, soaking up nature and guarding my 9 hours sleep with my life :)

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