The Reach Potential Disclaimer


In it we explain what the restrictions are relevant to using the Reach Potential Self-Transformation Courses and the associated Reach Potential Study Circle.

Accepting these restrictions are part of your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of service.

If any part of this disclaimer is not clear to you or you believe you need further information, please contact us at before proceeding.


The Reach Potential Siramarti Personal Growth Process ™ techniques DO NOT constitute a therapy.

  • They are tools for the SOLE USE of individuals who wish to educate and train themselves in self-directed, self-growth methods using brain rewiring techniques.
  • They should NEVER be used to replace proper medical or psychological assistance of any brain or nervous system disorder (such as epilepsies, palsies or acquired brain disorders) or any clinically diagnosed mental or emotional disability.
  • If you are concerned that the techniques may not suit you for any reason whatsoever, DO NOT proceed with the techniques or other recommendations.
  • If at any time you suffer any discomfort WHATSOEVER in using the material you should immediately cease the practice and refer the problem to
  • Members of the Study Circle practising these techniques should use this material precisely as it is presented and only for their personal use.
  • In using this material you are accepting full personal and legal responsibility for the use of the material and the effects you experience.
  • The information supplied to members of The Reach Potential Study Circle is copyrighted Siramarti Publishing Pty Ltd.
  • You may not share or distribute in any way with others UNLESS you are an authorised facilitator.